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Q. Can I deal directly with Performance Laboratories concerning my orthotics?
A. Unfortunately, no. Performance Laboratories is like a pharmacy: We follow your doctor's prescription and are unable to advise you personally on your condition or give you any information about your prescription, because it violates federal patient privacy regulations (HIPAA). Please direct all questions about your orthotics to your doctor's office.
Q. How long does Performance archive the digitally scanned images of my feet?
A. The lab keeps digital images of your feet for a minimum of one year. Extended storage is available here for a nominal fee.  
Q. Do you have a link to the instruction booklet that came with my orthotics?
A. Yes. Right here
Q. Does Performance Laboratories warrantee my orthotics?
A. Yes. The top cover and rubber post controls are waranteed against defects in materials and craftsmanship for six months. The shell of the orthotic device is warranted for life,  with the exception of Leather Works wet lasted leather shells and Polydor Acrylic shells. Should you require repair, please see your healthcare provider for more details.
Q. Can I mail my orthotics directly to the lab for refurbishment?
A. Unfortunately, no. A qualified healthcare professional must evaluate your orthotics before sending them to the lab. Your orthotics must be accompanied by a prescription for refurbishment or repair that details, in medical terms, the repairs to be made.
Q. Can I purchase a duplicate pair of orthotics directly from the laboratory?
A. Unfortunately, no. Performance Laboratories sells only to healthcare professionals who are qualified to prescribe and dispense orthotic devices. Your clinician will also check the fit as prescribed and perform follow up care. Only a healthcare professional can determine if your orthotics' fit is correct.
Q. What if my doctor is no longer in practice, or if I relocate?
A. Performance Laboratories can recommend healthcare providers in your area who use our lab. Please contact Performance.
Q. My orthotics squeak in my shoes. What can I do?
A. This occasionally happens with new orthotics as they provide dynamic motion in your shoes. To quiet this, sprinkle foot powder in your shoes, beneath the orthotic, before wearing. 
Q. My orthotic's top cover is peeling up around the heel seat or where the firm orthotic shell meets the rubber extension. What can I do?
A. Occasionally, minor separation of the top cover or forefoot rubber extension are caused by excessive perspiration or heat. The lab uses waterproof, temperature-resistant glue, but you may notice separation in the early stages of using your orthotics. These areas can be readhered using a good quality contact cement.
Q. Can my doctor prescribe an exact duplicate orthotic for me?
A. Yes. To insure that the digital models are available after one year you can purchase extended digital archiving here. Did you know that Performance Laboratories started digitally archiving in 2006?
Q. Why is my duplicate orthotic slightly different than my original? 
A. On some devices, the orthotic itself and any rubber components were crafted by hand. No two technicians can exactly duplicate one another's work, so there may be small differences in the size and shape of your duplicate orthotic. This should not affect your device's performance.
Q. Why is the full length flexible rubber extension on my orthotics too long to fit in my shoe?
A. Performance fabricates the flexible rubber extension slightly longer so it can accommodate all types of shoe gear. It may be necessary to trim the rubber extension to fit in your particular shoe type.
Q. How long will my orthotics last?
A. Your orthotics can last for many years. If your prescription called for plastic or carbon-fiber shells, then both are virtually indestructible. Some types of plastics can show fatigue in the later years. The rubber components can be removed and refurbished as they show signs of wear. Find out more about refurbishing your orthotics at your doctors office. Be part of our Orthotic Hall of Fame! Email pictures of your oldest orthotics to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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